Bericht vom Reparatur Café am 9.7. im HdE

„Wegwerfen? No way. Reparieren ist nachhaltig, caring, gut für den Planeten!“ – das war das Motto des Reparatur Cafés am 9. Juli 2023 im Haus des Engagements. Ab 14 Uhr konnten Teilnehmer*Innen vorbeikommen und kleine Gegenstände und elektronische Geräte mitbringen, die sie mit Expert*innen gemeinsam reparieren konnten. Dazu gab es Snacks, Kaffee und Tee. Die Veranstaltung wurde im Rahmen des Moduls Service Learning International der Uni Freiburg mit dem Engagement von internationalen Studierenden auf die Beine gestellt. Ivonne Vera, eine der engagierten internationale Studierenden, schrieb dazu den folgenden Bericht:

„The sun-drenched morning of July 9th, 2023, witnessed a heartwarming gathering at our Repair Cafe, where the community united to celebrate the art of upcycling electronics. Despite the sweltering heat, a dedicated group of individuals came together at our event to contribute to a sustainable future and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded enthusiasts.

The event kicked off with an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. The scene was set with tables adorned with tools, electronic components, and a delightful spread of snacks, and steaming cups of coffee. Our Repair Cafe aimed to provide a haven for those struggling with inoperative electronics or pondering the fate of outdated appliances.

Attendees brought an array of items, ranging from small household gadgets to laptops, all seeking a second chance at life. The Repair Cafe had an air of collaboration and community spirit, as people engaged in lively conversations while tackling repair challenges. The gentle hum of conversations, the click of tools, and the whirr of devices being brought back to life.

Our dedicated team of experts and volunteers, including the invited members from Mehr Generationen Haus Freiburg, demonstrated their impressive skill sets. These knowledgeable individuals generously shared their expertise, guiding attendees through the process of diagnosing and repairing various electronic issues.

As the day progressed, laughter and achievement filled the air. Attendees took breaks from their repair endeavors to enjoy the delectable treats and engage in conversations with fellow community members. The Repair Cafe proved to be a repair hub and a social haven, fostering connections among people of different backgrounds and skill levels.

It is essential to acknowledge the invaluable contribution of the invited members from Mehr Generationen Haus Freiburg. Their unwavering support and expertise played a pivotal role in making the event a resounding success. Their dedication to the cause of repairing and upcycling electronics exemplifies the spirit of community collaboration and environmental consciousness.

After this Repair Cafe, we look forward to future gatherings that celebrate the spirit of repair, community, and sustainability. Together, we can continue to breathe new life into our beloved electronics and inspire others to do the same.“

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