Meeting Rooms

Are you searching for an appropriate space for your own project, a project with an initiative or with your organization? We would be happy to help you!

Conference rooms and the CoWorking Space (easily transformable into an event space) can be rented weekdays between 6pm and 11 pm and on weekends between 8 am and 11 pm,) . During the co-working opening hours ( weekdays between 9am – 6pm), the Green Room can also be rented by anyone (both co-workers and non-co-workers).

Generally, conference rooms are free of charge for (regular) meetings of non-profit organizations and groups. Nevertheless, we would highly appreciate donations to cover our expenses.

A kitchen equipped with stove, oven, dishwasher, coffee machine, microwave, fridge, and dishes for aprox. 30 people is available for use.

For refreshments, organic juices, sparkling water, coffee powder, fair trade chocolate and fair trade cookies can be purchased. Of course, you can also bring your own food and drinks.

Unfortunately the building is not barrier-free: there are stairs at the front door, as well as to the first floor, and there is no lift. Due to the fixed-term rental Unfortunately, the building is not wheelchair accessible: there are stairs at the front door, as well as to the first floor, and there is no lift/elevator. Due to the fixed-term rental agreement, we cannot make the necessary investment to resolve this. However, we will place great importance to accessibility when evaluating possible new sites.

Information regarding Corona: In compliance with our covid hygiene concept and the covid rules, the use of the HdE for meetings is possible again for user groups.

In the conference rooms, no more than the following numbers of people are permitted:
Green space: 8 people
Yellow space: 5 people
Orange space: 3 people
Event space/ CoWorking space: 20 people

For requests, please fill out our form or write directly to

The Green Room

15€ / hour, donations appreciated for non-profit organizations

up to 15 persons (Corona: 8)
Mo-So 9 – 23 Uhr
Beamer, Magnetclipboard, Flipchart, Tv Screen

The Yellow Room

donations appreciated

up to 8 persons (Corona: 5)
Mo-Fr 18:30 – 23 Uhr
Sa-So all day
Flipchart, Whiteboard, Beamer

The Orange Room

donations appreciated

up to 6 persons (Corona: 3)
Mo-Fr 18:30 – 23 Uhr
Sa-So all ady
Flipchart, Pinnwand

Event “Space”

20€/h, non-profit organizations it depends

up to 50 persons (Corona: 20)
Mo-Fr 18:30 – 23:00
Sa & So all day
Beamer, Speakers, Flipcharts, Pinboard, Kitchen

You couldn’t find anything that suits you? In the following, there is an You couldn’t find anything that suits you? Here is an (incomplete) list of places where you can request spaces that are free of charge or affordable.


Regelmäßige Nutzergruppen

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Probenräume für junge Bands sind in Freiburg sehr rar. Im Keller des HdE haben wir Platz geschaffen für die fünf großartige Bands: QULT, Dudes&Don‘ts, Teduur, Heirs to the Wild und Take Four. Sie teilen den Raum und einiges an Equipment und ersparen sich dadurch Trage- und Aufbauarbeit für ihre Proben.

Gebaut wurde der Raum in einer gemeinsamen Aktion aus Stroh und Lehm. Das heißt:

  • alle verwendeten Materialien kommen aus einem Umkreis von 20 km – und zwar vom Demeter Hof am Dorfbach in Eichstetten
  • die Halme sind sozusagen ein Nebenprodukt aus der Landwirtschaft und sind am Ende beim Abbau komplett kompostierbar – im Gegensatz zu Schaumstoff, der aufwendig hergestellt und am Ende entsorgt werden muss
  • gepresstes Stroh hat sehr gute Schallschutzwerte – perfekt für einen Musikprobenraum

Weitere interessante Informationen über Strohballenbau findest du hier.

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