Environmental Education for all Research Institute

Was ich tue

EEFARI is a South Korean research institute that develops and manages various environmental education projects including policy research and international networking. EEFARI aims especially to reach socially underprivileged groups. As an affiliated institute of the Korea Environmental Education Center, EEFARI also gets actively involved in school education and teacher training. EEFARI has local partners in Freiburg since 2017.

Wer ich bin

There is currently one contributor in the Europe Office. Harita, a researcher (MSc in Environmental Governance), publishes articles about ESD (Bildung für Nachhaltige Entwicklung) as well as organizes international expert trainings. Harita means ‘green’ in Sanskrit.

Darum bin ich im Haus des Engagements

Home office makes me lonely. Every person needs a good colleague just like every tree has a friend in the forest. HdE is already a great home for many young, innovative social contributors. I am very excited to be a part of it and expect to create lots of synergy within this community.

So kannst du mich erreichen



+49 159 0198 6544

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